Reached my Peak, before injury

Hi Mike

Massive fan of your video's, your knowledge, explanations and passion are clear to all. I've always wanted to be able to go into a gym, jump on a bar and do 3 x 10 sets of pull up wide grip and close, with various grips (under hand inc.)

However, I simply can not do these... and if I up the weight I seem to get injured between shoulder blade and neck.. a Physio said I l have a lot of dead cartilage in back shoulder area is this stopping progression?

On a underhand seated pull down cable, I can pull 3 x 10 (75kgs - 80 kgs, whihc is my body weight) I assume my legs must assist in doing this..

Wide Pull down, I can do only about 50kg's properly, I assume this is the mismatch, in that my lats are not strong enough?

If I add weight to the wide grip, I don't feel like I'm doing the full motion, down to chest.

I've worked hard on negative lefts, and pinching the shoulder blades and even holding at pinch, but I simply hit plateau.

*My secondary Biceps are weak would this also be a reason? 

I expect my question has been asked a million times, apologies if you are fed up of asking, maybe i should look for frequently asked questions

Kevin Davis




All good. I actually did a video on this a while back, but it was not edited properly. LOL back int he days when it took more than one take to get it right. Ill re shoot it here soon. WHat you can do is negative pullups. Start in the upward or flexed position of the pullup by standing on a bench etc…Then as slow as you can lower down. Dont try to pull yourself back up, just focus on slowly lowering yourself down. Stay tuned as this gives me an idea for a video so I will do shortly.