Recommend a new workout

Hey Mike,

Ive been doing your workouts for a couple of years now. Specially the building better arms workout. I am just about to finish that workout next week. I hadnt worked out for 4 months before starting this workout. I have an ankle injury and it hinders my workouts and running(i can do everything else stairmaster, elliptical,etc) is out of question. But now i have gained a lot of stomach fat and i need something to get me in the best shape of my life again. Is there anyway you can help me out?
Last time you had recommended the show time HIIT workout. It did workout great but i do not have so much time now a days. I need some workout with a 4 day schedule.

Awesome. Well I would suggest going back and starting from one of the monthly plans here on the site. Even if you don’t do all of the days simply roll the last day or so into the next week. Results would be better if you followed exactly but do what you can do.