The right program??

Hey Mike,

First off, man I love the videos you put out; they're such a great reference. Okay, my question is admittedly a bit open ended. I'm 5'2", 125 lbs and I'm trying to put on more weight! I've been working out fairly regularly for several years (I'm 26 years old), but I can't seem to add size. I max bench at around 220lbs, curl 75lbs on sets of 10 and squat about 125 w/ 10 reps (legs being my weakness). I know this isn't an easy question to answer, but is there a workout program on the site that might be better suited for a guy my size? I've tried several and notice a gain in strength but can't seem to add mass. Any kind of direction would be awesome, you're the man!


Bruce T.

Part of the problem could be the workout program, but also the supplementation and attrition or what are you going to put you over the edge. Try my building better arms workout program and also get on pre-jym and post jym by Dr. Jim Stoppani for your pre and post workout drinks.