Work out for twelve year grandson

Enter Article Text here wanting suggestions for beginning young man, active in all sports now, work outs.  The jrhi has a machine room , no free weights, he is lean .  Thanks in advance.  RWD

The best thing he can do now is to play sports and allow him to be a boy. You can teach him the fundamentals of squats, Bench, push ups, and even start with power cleans, and deadlifts etc if he is playing sports, and you know how to teach them. I have a series of videos that cover all of these movements on the workout 101 video series. The goal isn’t to have him working out hard, but to teach him these movements executing proper technique. all of those functional movements are critical if he is going to be playing sports as most strngth and conditioning programs for athletes will have those (squats, power clean, deadlfit, bench) as staples in their programs.