Hello, I watched  Mr. JimStoppani's Video regarding Bent Over Row over hand grip and wider than shoulder that he said it tagets the upper lats, he only metioned was upper lats, what about Teres major and outer lats? Just like he said that if your doing pull-ups or pulldown it targets the Upper lats, Outer lats and Teres major. Is that the same muscle could hit by doing rowing exercise overhand grip wider than shoulder or just upper lats alone or just he forgot to mention Teres major and outer lats? Thanks.

Yes those muscles too, but remember not to many of his followers or even mine know the anatomy very well, so the dialogue is more about an area individuals can identify easily. As far as correlating the lat pulldown to the row, no they target completely different muscle groups, although many of them work, the emphasis of load is not the same. And remember you can always hit Jim up directly as well on Twitter or Instagram.