Muscle gain

After experiencing shoulder pain I decided to change the way I lifted. I went from lifting heavy to super strict isolation with a lot lighter wieghts ( no momentum ). If I cant feel the muscle I am targeting contract anymore I drop the wieght back. I do incorporate drop sets, rest pause, and many more techniques. But I never lift a wieght if I cant do it under strict control up and down. I follow Mike Mcerlane and Jim Stoppani for advice on my training. So my question is, am I lifting right? Or should I go heavier with a little momentum?

Thanks for following and this is Mike btw. The answer is yes but only for a bit. Rennet the body adapts and like anything needs change to progress over time. With injuries you are going to have your down time or have to make a pivot to train around pain but don’t think you need to keep that as a staple for the rest of your training life. Everything works but nothing works forever. My suggestion is add bands into your program as the physical load is taken off of the joint and applys directly to the muscle. Additionally I would follow one of my structured plans under the monthly gym workouts where I lay this out or follow one of Jims workouts as well