Please Help


I have been using your website for 2 years now, and find your workout 101 videos extremely helpful.  The workouts you have written for my designated goals have been phenomenal-so much so that I recently subscribed to a paid subscription to continue getting the monthly workouts.  For the first time I have followed these routines religiously, and have seen great results!  Unfortunately, I have yet to get any new monthly workouts despite my paid subscription.  The detailed description of all exercises is great, but I really would appreciate new monthly workouts.  I have e-mailed the site under the contact tab, but have not heard anything (contacted over a month ago).  I would very much appreciate your help.  You are making a real difference in many lives-keep up the good work!


Tim Ridgway


I am so sorry that is took me his long to see this question. It just popped up. The website is going to completely overhauled here soon. I’ll look into the programs and not sure why no one is getting back to you. I’ll take a look at the programs and hit me up on Twitter if you have a pressing question …. Mcerlane20