Boost Testosterone

I am 45 years old and fairly active with running half marathons and other endurance runs as well as weight training. My overall goal is health and fitness in general. I am not interested in gains and fat loss as much as I am in maintaining. I am 6’2 weight ranging from 180-195lbs, depending on what I am training for.

My question is, “at my age with the reductions of the amount of testosterone my body produces and the fact that I recently had a vasectomy, what are ways for me to boost my testosterone levels? Preferably naturally or without spending a lot of money on supplements.

Quite honestly a good test booster is highly recommended. Decline in test levels are something that occur with age. Not much you can do. Training and staying active always helps boost, but I’m most cases supplementing is always the answer. Most test booster products however are not even close to giving you what you need. I personally take Alpha JYM which yes, I a, not going to lie to you is mine and Dr. jim Stoppani’s supplement line, but Jim formulates products that actually produce results and I can say with 100% certainty it works, however educate yourself first. Read up here.