weight loss

my name is mark villanueva and i am 37. i just started to workout at our local gym.what are the factors in losing fat it seems to me that there are alot of tricks of which i am not familier with

Hey Mark. Glad you asked a question. Thats what we are here for. yes there are many “tricks”. However it comes down to a few things to note when shedding fat.

1- Diet is everything. You have to burn more than you consume. We provide a variety of meal plans on the MF Trainer so browse around or upgrade your account and creat one with the advanced nutritional meal planner.

2- High Intesity Interval trianing is best for shedding pounds. This means that rather than jumping on cardio for an hour, you should do a combination of short duration, high intense cardio along with a resistance or weight training program. Go to the workout section and click on the Workout Tab with Joe Weiders bust and try the Showtime program

3- Consistency- You must be consistent in the above and also I would encourage you to take up a supplement program once you get into the groove. Depending on your goal supplements can really help you with your progress aslong as you put in the work.

Good luck