Looking to become a Strength and Conditioning Coach

I love lifting and living an active lifestyle and want to have a career that takes my passion for exercise and allows me to share that with other people every day. I would like to know how you came to be a strength and conditioning coach? There are so many different organizations that offer certification that I am unsure of as to which one would be the best route to ensure success in this career path, and which ones are legitimate? I would greatly appreciate any tips or advice you could give, thank you so much.

To earn a CSCS certification requires some pre-requisites. One of those is that You must have a degree in the field of Sports Medicine, Kinesiology, Exercise Phys etc… Tjis requires a BS in order to take the test. Other certification programs are good, but most hiring schools and or professional organizations will requie this cert, but not all. If not then you can still take the NSCA’s CPT test which in My personal opinion is one of the better certs to have. Experience is still one of the main benefits in todays industry and field of professional strength coaches.