add size

Hi I see that there are a lot products to get bigger what do u recommend? I have a slim body 5 11 160lbs and i Want to look more big

Well thats a pretty broad question. Bigger can mean a lot of things, but if i think i understand you correctly your looking to add more muscle size. Its always important to make sure you are training the correct way and eating correctly to ensure success no matter your goal. Eating to lose weight, eating to gain size and mass, training to shred up or put on size. Its all relative to your goal. There are A VARIETY OF PRODUCTS OUT ON THE MARKET that will cater to your goal, but you just have to find the right one that makes the most sense for you. If your looking for muscle gain, its best to stick to the basics and not go for the quick fix.

Make sure to try the One Tough workout series here.

As far as Products there are a variety. Some of my favorites are 1MR from BPI for pre workout, with the combination of COncret. I always use protein before and after workouts as well. MRI’s Charger is one that I love as it has a mixture of other essentials including a BCAA stack etc….

For Mass, I would take a weight Gainer which is something that has 40-50g of protein per serving and also ads additional calories. Try Cyto Gainer by cytosport.