Should I deload?

I am going through Chad Smith’s “juggernaut method” right now, and I am coming up on deload week. My deadlifts are my strongest point (265lb 1RM), but I am not yet squatting or bench pressing bodyweight (175 lbs). Most articles read something like “if you are lifting heavy weights, you need to deload”. I am wondering if I should skip the deload and move on to phase 2, or if I would still benefit from a deload even though I am only lifting moderate weight.

If the program stresses to deload I would follow as outlined. Depending on your goal really determines the types of program and the rules to follow while executing them. Of course if your goal is to structured more of a power lifter or someone who wants to focus mainly on strength then make sure to follow and deload as suggested, but if you want some tips on how to increase your squat and bench as it seems might be something that you are trying to reach, then you might want to read these articles.