what time should i do i get up at 5:00 take 20g of protien and 2 scoops on no explode workout for one hour
than take 1 scoop cell mass and 20g of whey and 20g of casien protien after that how should i plan my meals for the day i typicaly do not go to bed until around 10:00


well you should try and have a pre workout meal whether it be an apple or orange both have benefits for No Production. Apples contain Polyphenols etc….anyway, pre workout, also once you finish with the post workout protein etc….consume every 3 hours there after a meal. Best and easiest rule of thumb to follow. if you use the MF Trainer custom meal planner you can input all this info and it will give you exactly what you need using the foods you like. If not Try this meal plan…