A meal plan

I am 48 years old woman, 5'4" and 128 pounds of body weight. I workout regularly buy I want to improve my physique. Could you suggest a meal plan to gain muscle and reduce the abdominal fat? My goal is to look nice in my bikini this summer.

I know that MF Trainer has a meal plan, but it is difficult to get a real one because the one that they offer are based in a standard cuestionary. So,I’ll appreciate your recomendation. Thanks.

Well actually the Trainer has a custom meal planner that allows you to choose your foods for our preferences and then grades you on your choices based on the goals you entered. That would be my best suggestion as this application has the same conversation you would have with a certified nutritionist, but allows you to understand how to plan your own meals with the grading system. Also you MUST train and follow a program with resistance training. 4-5 days per week. You cant think that eating and cardio are the two keys. You must train with weights.

Try this meal plan ….