mma and weight training

Hi, I was a powerlifter and amateur bodybuilder then i decided to get into mma and at 5'8 my trainers really want me to fight at 155lbs. Just the thought of dropping from around 180 is hard enough but they want me to quit lifting so much weight as well! It is pretty hard on me because my schedule (i work 54-60hrs a week in a machine shop) only allows me to really work out about 3 nights a week so I’m lifting and then doing all the mma training right after. How can I keep as much size and strength as possible while still cutting weight and becoming more fast and explosive?

well with your schedule its going to be important to get as much out of your training sessions as possible. 3 nights a week is good, not great, but your best bet is to stick with the foundations movements such as Bench, squats, deads etc…develop a plan that is surrounded on those 3 movements for each day and lead off the workout with sets of each, From their go into your auxiliary types of movements that correspond to each muscle group. I would put something together like this.

Monday Jump rope/Warm up/ Plyos etc… Squats- 5x10 (rest 30 sec in between each set) Squats- 3x3 Db Front Lunge- 3x8 Step Ups- 3x12 Side Lunges- 3x8 Straight Leg Deads- 3x15 Crunches= 4x15 Weighted Power Clean- 3x failure (Use extremely Light Weight) _ This is just to help with the muscle endurance to finish you off

Wed Warm up Plyo Push-ups Bench with Bands- 5x10 (30 sec rest) Bench- 3x3 Alternating Db bench- 3x15 Medicine ball Push-ups- 3x10 Cable Fly- 3x12 Bicep Curl barbell- 5x10 Tricep Ext.– 5x10 Decline Crunch- 4x15 Kettle Bell Swing- 3xfailure

Fri- Warm up Deadlift- 5x10 (30 sec rest) Deadlift- 3x3 Shoulder Press- 3x8 Side raise- 3x8 Front raise- 3x8 Bent over Barbell Row- 3x10 Good Mornings- 3x6 Lat Pulldown- 3x15 Reverse Crunch- 4x15 Burpees- 3x Failure