i am 41 yrs old and was told i should only be working out 3 days a week because at this age the body needs time for rest and recuperation. is this true? i generally do 2 bodyparts per day which takes me 3 days to do my entire body so if i only were to workout 3 days per week each part only will get 1 workout per week . i was always under the understanding each bodypart should be done twice a week for gains, is this true?

No the 3 day because your aging is BS. If you prefer 3 days and it works for you then great, but dont let people fill your head with MUSTS when it comes to training. everyone is different and training and what you do depends on what your goal is. Its what you do that counts. Aging has nothing to do with your ability to achieve goals. Consistency is the key and what and how you train are what is going to help you get there. Yes training the muscles 2 times per week has shown to be the most effective at developing muscles. Here is my recommendation. Dont go Heavy ALL the time. Play around with a range of weight …one day or week go a little heavier but dont kill yourself. Honestly you should get yourself a set of bands and incorporate them into your plan as I suggest all across the Trainer. Bands have legitimate research behind them and actually one study found that men over the age of 40 have a better chance at recruiting the type 2b fast twitch muscles than younger men and training with the bands help you recruit them more efficiently than any other type of training. Read this article here to learn more.