Plan for a firefighter

I am a full time firefighter looking for some help with my routine. Each week it depends on my schedule, but i lift twice (legs/back/bis, chest/shoulders/tris) i also have a speed and agility day as well as a cardio day(usually a longer run) and the days i work that week i do a circuit routine of 45sec on and 15sec off for 15 stations. usually do 2-3 rounds. Is what im doing a good idea? I want to keep my stregnth and agility up for work, while keeping my weight down. I am currently 6'2'‘ at about 220lbs and 8% body fat.

Thats actually a good plan and if it works for you STICK to it. We get too caught up sometimes in thinking that there is a magic way to train. Not so. its all dependent on your goal. If your looking for something new to throw in the mix, try this program.

Its one of my toughest Ive put together. Now if your not too savvy on some of the more advanced lifts like a Power Clean, snatch etc…its ok. just scratch them and follow the next exercise.