knee problems

I have had knee problems for about 15 years. Soft cartilage, then torn meniscus surgery 2.5 years ago. Little to no impact activity for nearly 15 years. I’ve been weightlifting for a year, I am still not to a place where I can stand on one leg balancing for very long, can’t wear heels, can’t run, etc. How do I stabilize my legs so that I can ultimately go for a jog without paying for it later in pain?

I myself have dealt with Knee Pain. The Terrible Triad. ACL, MCL and Meniscus. But here is the deal. It going to take a long time, but your form and technique are key especially if you try squats, or any other lower leg movement. Be sure to NEVER let the knee flex over the toes as this puts a shearing force on the knee. It is important to develop the muscles in the leg as it will take the load off of the joint if the muscle is strong. If the muscle is weak the ligaments and tendons take over. If your jogging chances are your developing patellar tendonitis. Does is hurt or do you have point tenderness under your knee cap? Rather than jogging, for now stick to a non or less impactful routine for cardio, Try the stair stepper, elliptical and the bike. Also you must incorporate unilateral movements such as one leg leg press. avoid leg extensions as once again this places a shearing force on the knee. No jogging for a while.