info overload

Please help!!!

I don’t know what I’m doing I have been surfing the inerter net looking for info on how to get fit. I don’t want to be a bodybuilder I just want to get ripped, I thought I was on the right page 3 months ago when I started this date/running/ and lift some weights at home, but all I did was lose 40lbs Now don’t get me wrong dropping the weight was great but I don’t look the way I want to look. I still have a belly and no muscle build in my chest or arms, please help me just point me in the right direction that’s all I ask. Tell me the workout I should be doing and date me should be on…

Date right now is: Oatmeal protein shakes (morning) Fish/chicken and salad (afternoon) Apple/shake (snack) Fish/chicken/steak with brown rice and veg (dinner) Apple/shake (late snack)

Workout: 3 days a week Chin c ups/push c ups/arm-curls/ 3 sets each 2 days a week Running/abs

Please help me

Ok you came to the right place. Im not going to try and say its this easy, but it is. THIS IS WHY I DESIGNED this website. Trust me on this. Follow your program in the My Workout section to a T, get or build a nutrition plan in the Advanced Nutrition section (This is a $10 per month service). Try it for 3 months and let me know where you are at.

Look i have tried for years at developing this website as a service to help individuals just like you. As long as you just put in the work, you will see results.