What periodization should I apply for calves and abs? Is periodization in other body part can you apply to calves and abs, even it’s lower reps like 6 reps or 8 reps and 10

Well, with regards to calves and abs, they are in fact a muscle that can have a proper program utilizing the laws of proper periodization. The problem here is that periodization is used to help overcome plateaus in a training program, so my question is what exactly is your goal with abs and calves? Im thinking its probably to get big calves and well defined abs. Rather than going through a program using the rules of periodization Id like to just offer some tips for abs and calves.

1- They are the 2 most used muscles in the body just by the body being active, so they can be somewhat difficult to grow or in the case of abs really see in some cases.

2- genetics has a tremendous affect on the aesthetics of these 2 muscle groups. For instance, some people have a long tendon in their calf resulting in a “high belly” gastroc, and some have a short tendon resulting in a “low belly”. The guys who have a long tendon such as myself have difficulty getting those big looking calves. The abs are the same in soe cases where genetics plays a similar role.

3- I would recommend using heavy resistance when you crunch. I.E- take a stability ball with a weighted plate and crunch with the resistance or use a band or a cable. Calves I would so the same is you have a long tendon where you want to stress the overall muscle size and growth so go heavy for about 8-10 reps. If you have a short tendon where the growth isnt your concern but rather to get defined calves then I would say go for reps

Again it all really depends on your goal and you can even vary the different sets, resp, weight and speed…