abs and calves

I noticed that calves and abs in other programs are always high reps like 15- 20 reps. I think its because they are difficult to grow, I already know that For muscle maximal strength 1-6 reps muscle, hypertrophy 8-12 muscle, endurance 12 and above or for defined muscle, is that applicable for calves and abs?

what if my training cycle for may other body parts like biceps is like this:

       Phase 1 Linear MAss

week 1-4 4-6 reps week 5-8 6-8 reps week 9-12 8-10 reps week 13-16 10-12 reps week 17-20 12-15 reps Can I apply this too in my calves and abs?

I think I already answered this question. But yes that can work for you. My suggestion is to follow the program outlined for you in your workouts though …