I’m just a bit confuse about the answer that u gave about traps, sorry for that

DB Shrug- Primarily 1 Smith machine Behind the Back Shrug- 1 and 2 Reverse Incline Bench Db Shrug- traps 2,and 3 Reverse Grip Bent over Barbell Row- 3 and 4 Also do Prone Cobras

the db shrug is for 1. is the smith machine behind the back shrug for 1 only or it is included the 2? is the reverse incline bench db shrug for 2 only or it is also included the 3? and also for reverse grip bent over barbel row is that only for 3 or included the 4?

I just only know 3 parts of traps the upper, middle and lower, and I don’t know which part is the 4th, can u define which part no., are the upper, middle, lower and the 4th part of traps the u said according to the parts number that u gave?

thank you very much!

Sorry if that confused you. I apologize if it seemed somewhat confusing. There are 3 main areas of the trapezuis muscle, responsible for 4 movements. 1.) Extends the Neck 2.) Elevates the Scapula 3.) Retracts the Scapula 4.) Upward Rotation of the scapula

I answered that at 3am. I meant to say there are 4 basic movements of the Traps. I was trying to give you examples of each movement you can do to give you the ability to target each of the 3 areas responsible for movement.

So here is a break down

Neck Extensions (1) DB or Barbell Shrugs or Smith (1,2) Behind the Back barbell Shrugs (1,2) Incline DB Shrugs (facing the bench and let the DB’s Dangle) (2,3) Cable Shrugs (let the cables angle outside the width of the shoulders so you pull up and in Prone Cobras Here is a link (