Training Questions

How to do giant set for calves and forearms? and how I’m going to do giant set for traps, and even the traps is already hits by back exercise like rowing, and I don’t like to be more train the other parts of traps than the other, like back exercise, when performing rowing hits the middle part, how to perform a giant set for traps that all upper middle and lower are equally train? , how to workout for traps for 3 parts of traps that equally train, if the middle traps hits when I’m doing 2 rowing exercise for back exercise,? and my last question, how may reps should perform for calves and abs and why, and how often should train the calves within one week, is one’s a week enough? what about abs, how often should train it?

1st ?– Calves- I would to a combination of unilateral and bi lateral calf raises on the Standing Calf machine and then SUPER SET the seated calf raise machine for a few sets. The reason is that the Seated Calf raise places more load on the soleus muscle while the standing calf raise machine places more load on the the gastrocnemius. Using one leg at a time on the standing calf raise machine allows for you to really focus on each leg so that strength imbalances or aesthetic size differences do not occur as your dominating leg can always take on more of the load. Plus its a great way to keep you moving through each set.
2nd ?– Forearms- I would say to really just focus on barbell reverse and regular reverse forearm curls. Because all movements are single joint exercises when trying to train the forearms you are limited. Other movements can be wrist roller exercises using a bar a rope and a weight and extending your arms outward in front and simply rolling the rope with the weight attached up and back down. I would start of with regular wrist curls with the barbell and super set reverse wrist curls for about 3-4 sets of 15-20 each. The execute wrist rolling exercises for 3-4 sets until failure.

3rd ?– Traps- The traps are comprised of traps 1, 2, 3, and 4. Each have different functionality for movement. Depending on which you want to train depends on the exercise you should do. Try this. Power Pulls- 3x5 Barbell Shrugs- Bar in Front (Do not tuck your chin