Ripped in 12 Weeks

Hello, I’m planning on trying out the Muscle & Fitness (Oct. 2010) Ripped in 12 Weeks 1,3,5,7,9,11 and the 2,4,6,8,10,12 one alternating.

Main question is…the first week reps go 2x6, 2x10, 12…total of 5 sets for each workout. Do I try to max out on each rep? for example, day4, barbell bench press, i normally rep 225lb about 10 times. does that mean i do 225lbs for first set, rep of 6, and another set of 225lb for second set, rep of 6… then for thirst and fourth set, of rep of 10, do I drop weight? and drop more weight for the rep of 12? or is it opposite? Do I start lower in weight for first couple of sets, and then increase weight?

The goal with any particular set and or rep protocol is always to ate,pt or strive to maximize the load with the amounnt of time under tension or reps performed. In this case yes, you want to push as much total weight for each set, so in the case of this program since there are many sets, don’t try your 10 rep max of 225 for every single set. I would say use about 70-80% of your max and add up from their