Eat Like a Pig Question

I know in the eat like a pig article it says to lift at night. But I work 4 on 4 off, 10 am to 10 pm shifts, and every other week We change nights to days and back and forth. I was Wanting to give the eat like a pig article a shot, like I’m Sure everyone will! But I lift in the morning around 8 before Work on days and I work out after work around 10:15 a.m When I am on nights. I was wondering what kind of diet Advice you could give me for these days. If the eat-like-a-pig Diet is not very practical for these situations, I can do a Different type of diet. Just looking for some expert advice!

Thank You!

The program was written of course following a strict protocol with regards to training schedules, however the point of the article was to show that you can eat foods that you wouldnt normally consume and still see results. As long as you follow a daily training program you should be fine to give it a shot. I would recommend to try and re-arrange the food schedule around your training schedule. For instance if you are to consume a Pre workout meal before you train, and dont normally in the morning, make sure to eat that meal before your training session.