Sir, I have a question about the exercises choices, I’m using 4 day split, for my biceps 1st exercise is barbell but I rotate every week the narrow grip and wider to target the long and short head, my 2nd exercise is for long head, 3rd is for short head and 4th is for brachialis. so the overall 6 exercises for long head, 6 exercises for short head and 4 exercises for brachialis for one month. my question is how I’m going to match my triceps choices to this, my exercises for trice, 1st closed grip bench press and dips, Dr, jim stopanni said should include compound exercises but the problem is I think the close grip bench is for lateral and dips is for lateral and I think also hit medial, but doc jim said should include this for overall mass, and if the targeted muscles for doing dips and closed grip bench press is for lateral, why he said its for overall mass, because my 2nd exercise is for long, 3rd is for short, 4th is for medial, to make it short, my biceps exercises 1st barbell, 2nd for long, 3rd for short head, 4th for brachialis, I rotate my barbell curll narrow grip and wider to target the long and short, and what about the closed grip bench press and dips, how I can do that to target the long and lateral, just like barbell, my 1st exercise is closed grip and I rotate it to dips, 2nd for long, 3rd for lateral, 4th for medials? THANK YOU

Wow. Okay So if I got it correctly you were asking which exercises can you do to target the different heads of the Triceps? There are 3 parts to the tricep hence TRI, (Long Head, Lateral Head and Medial Head) Really to emphasize the long head you should do exercises that put the triceps into a strength. Any exercise done overhead such as a overhead Triceps extension or skull-crusher will target the long head) To help better explain the difference I recently filmed a video here.