traps imbalance

Is there any possibilities that the middle traps can be imbalance, because I noticed my middle traps the right part is more larger than the left andI felt a bit pain, that why I’m thinking maybe it sweeling the right maybe because I’m always on the pc and one time I pulled the big bed with one arm, is this just a sweeling or that cause muscle imbalance

That could be the case yes. It could also be a multitude of other things as well. It could be that the muscle is tight and needs to be stretched. If you have a knot or pain try deep tissue massage, but be careful and assess the pain if it is around the spine. Here are a few things to consider

1.) Dont tuck your chin while shrugging 2.) Try doing more dumbbell shrugs or use the smith machine one arm shrug instead of a barbell 3.) Have someone perform deep tissue massage

let me know how it goes