traps exercises

I just want to know if I’m doing right for may traps exercises, I read Jim stoppanis book, he said rowing exercises could hit the low lats and the middle traps, I’m doing two rowing exercises for low lats and middle traps the total of 8 set, for the upper and lower traps I’m doinh this on other day when I’m workingout my shoulders, whati did is, because I have a 2 rowing exercises for middle traps the total sets of 2 exercises is 8, that’s why I did for upper traps is 8 ssets and 8 sets for lower traps, is there wrong with that? Thank you

If it seems to be working for you then no. There really isnt a way to train that I would ever say NO dont do that. Mainly technique is where i stress the do’s and dont’s. Training really depends on your goal and if its working for you. Of course there are better ways to train than others, but once again it depends on your goal. If I am understanding you correctly you are performing rowing exercises of 2x8 for lats and traps and asking if that is ok? I would say yes, and if you read anything Jim Stoppani puts out there listen to it, as he knows more than any person I know. Jim and I are great friends and I am constantly humbled by his professionalism and knowledge.