weight ratio to reps

hi mike, i was wondering how do i find the correct weight i should be lifting for different number of reps? for instance if i am doing 4 sets of 12 of military press on a monday but then a friday i have to do a single set of 50 what should i do? i realise this is probably an amateur question but i would like your advice please. Thanks Brian

Brian, Not amateur at all. Choosing weight can be somewhat difficult even for the experienced lifter. The 50 rep range is an example of German Volume Training. 100 rep sets are more traditional with this method, but i know the 50 rep range with this program was to give you the example of going until muscle failure. I would suggest cutting the amount of weight you would use for 10 reps by 50% and execute the set of 50. for instance, if you can press 60 pounds for 10 reps, cut it down to 30 pounds for the set of 50. Again you dont have to get the full fifty reps all at once. the goal is to finish them all but if you have to stop for a few seconds that is ok