triceps exercise

If I’m doing biceps barbell curl fot my 1st exercise for biceps, I rotate the norrow grip and wider to target the short and long head aafter that I’m doing 3 more exercises to targeted the 3 heads, my question is, is that ok to do dips and I’m going to rotate it with close grip bench press for the 1st exercise for my trice, after that I’m doing exercises that targeted the 3 heads

In one word Yes. Your actually doing what you should as far as the sequence with half of your progression. Good job taking note of Jim Stoppani’s point of close grip and wide grip curls. I covered that as well, in one of the workout 101 videos ;–) The exercises your choosing are in fact good. As far as your question, you are right on with that progression if it works for you. I would actually swap the sequence though if it were me.

The reason is because those movements dips and close grip bench are examples of multijoint movements which use other assisting muscles to perform the movement. Weight should not be a focal point in this routine with the close grip bench and the dips with this order. The triceps are not the Only emphasized muscle working. Once you get through your set of triceps exercises that mainly emphasize the triceps heads (Triceps press-downs, overhead extensions, skullcrushers etc..)its good to finish off with multijoint movements because you have other muscles helping you through the movements plus you can add more weight with multi joint movements which can lead to more muscle growth of course when your trying to grow the triceps.