You Tube Video Question

Hey. My name is Umair, i was watching the videos which are posted on the youtube for muscle and fitness. For every part there are two types of Excersie plan .

1- Gainning Mass 2- Definning Muscles.

What i want to know is that, should i be doing both the plans in one day, or should i be sifting the plans every week. Can you please confirm me, as i am trying to change my lifestyle and get my self more huge.

Umair, Im not sure which videos you are referring to, but I would say that each is a different goal, so you should figure out if you want to gain Muscle Mass which would mean big strong muscles, or defined muscles which means more cut well defined muscles. Of course you can do both, but If so i would say to focus on strength first them defines muscle training second. Because it takes more than 1 training session to get results try focusing on one method for 4-6 weeks at a time. Again, it is very difficult to give a good answer without knowing which videos you are referring to.