Home work out.


I don’t have money to sign up for a gym membership..

all i got is 2 15lb dumbbells and nothing else, I want to gain muscle mass, and strength,

I know I have to lift heavy weights, but is there any way I can do muscle mass workouts at home? with out equipments??


The best solution would be to get a set of the bands I recommend. With limited equipment and only 15 lbs. It’s hard to gain mass. Your gonna have to pretty much stick to bodyweight exercises only, however you can still get a great workout with your own bodyweight. The easiest thing to do is follow a full body split 3-4 days per week. Utilize HIIT training in between your sets of workouts. So run in place or do jumping jacks when you finish a set. Rotate from shoulder presses with the dumbbells, to side raise to front raise. Then drop and do push ups. Jumping jacks and repeat. That’s an example of something you could follow using the HIIT principles