is that an issue if I’m doing just 4 sets for upper traps, 4 sets for lower traps and 8 sets middle traps, to make it short if it’s ok if my sets are not equal, for traps upper,lower and middle or it should be equal? That why also want to know if the pulldown could also hit the lower traps so that I will know how many set I already do. Thank u

thats actually fine. You have to gauge yourself when you are training. A lot of the sets and reps are usually dictated by your muscle response to the load and the time under tension. Just think of performing exercises with as much weight and for as many reps as you can not exceeding 10-15 for about 4 to 5 sets. Thats not the standard rule, but a good set rep scheme to follow that should give you adequate results. Hope this helped.