Maintenance or fat-loss plan?


I have been lifting for quite a few years , sporadically, without any real gains. Well I have decided to get serious and drop some fat and pack on some muscle. I went from 210 to 185 and I am 6'. I did a lot of cardio to get that way mainly HIIT training with boxing classes 4 days a week which I still do a couple times a week. I lift 5 days per week now and I have toned down my cardio.

If I still have some fat around my stomach and waist I want to get rid of should I be on a fat loss or maintenance eating plan?

I am fine staying at 185 but I want to turn my fat into lean muscle. I am using Stoppani’s get lean plan right now.

Thank you for your Help

great question. Congrats on your weight loss and success first of all. This area can be very difficult to lose especially if thats the area where you carry most of your weight and most men do. I myself have had to battle. Its tough to say really but my recommendation would be to clean up your eating vs. getting on a fat loss program. Remember the key isnt to lose weight but to gain muscle and have your fat mass go down. Try eating clean. I call it my Caveman diet. It also pretty much de-toxes the body. Fruit Vegetables and Meat. Think like a caveman. If a caveman couldnt eat it back in the day then you shouldt either. Dont eat anything in a package or that you have to open up. let me know how it goes