what have i missed?

Hi Mike, Im having some problems, i have been working out now for over a year have tried all the supplements i can think of but i never seem to gain any muscle size. i eat on average 2500 calories a day, work out 5 times a week, walk about 8 miles a day (to and from work) i work as a chef and therfor always on the go from half 5 in the morning until half 10 at night. i weigh 190lbs and my body fat is around 20% which i want to lower and to gain or replace with muscle. I would be grateful for your input and would like to say this is a great website and the interaction facility is a real bonus thanks

Wow! first thank you very much for the compliment. It takes quite a bit to manage all the content and doing it solo now for 8 years from when it was an idea on a piece of paper to where it is now is pretty darn cool. Still a long way to go.

As far as your question it sounds like your doing what you should but just having trouble getting over that last hump. Plateauing seems to be the issue here.

My first question is are you following the workouts that are created monthly in the workout section on your member page? Click on workouts and follow the monthly gym or ball and band plans (whichever is more conducive to your lifestyle and available equipment). It sounds like your problem is in the nutrition. 2500 calories per day is good, but you might want to look at the foods you are eating in that diet. Id stick to a clean “caveman diet”. If you have been and are finding it still difficult to get results then this is where I want you to try this plan here and follow the diet as well. Stick closely to it and do not deviate. Give it 3-4 weeks and get back to me with your results.


Here is the link to the program I am referring to if the monthly plans are not getting you to where you want to be.