Jim stoppanis book on training split for triceps 1. alternate dips and closed grip bench 2.overhead extension for long head 3. lying extension for long head 4. alternate, pressdown extension, kickbacks and underhand grip on defferent workouts..

my question is why he suggest 2 exercise for long head, then the 4th he suggest to rotate the press down, kickbacks and underhand grip, so if I’m gonna rotate it and I’m gonna use press down or kickbacks, I can’t hit the medial and if I do the underhand grip, I cant hit the lateral, so for a month I hit the lateral for 3 and 1 kickbacks for medial. can u explain why he suggest in this way?

or its better if I’m just gonna do is 1. rotate dips and closed grip bench 2. for long head 3. for lateral 4. for medial

which one is better, I’m not sure why he suggest 2 exercise for long head and rotation for lateral and medial?

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