Correct Weight to use

I am doing the get ripped series starting today. How much weight should I use for each set? Should I try to go to failure on each set or start lighter and then add weight ?

For the past 6 months I have been going to failure but with different rep ranges Example

15/12/10/10/8 Bicep curls


I noticed none of the ranges are drop sets or pyramids. Should I work this into the schedule also?

My suggestion is to always offer a change in your training. if you have been pushing to failure for each set and rep scheme, work through a traditional pyramid program by increasing the weight each progressive set vs. going to failure. Remember your body adapts, so doing things for a long period of time over and over actually causes regression vs. progression.

Quite honestly no one way is suggested better for YOU than the next. it truly depends on your goal and how you react to the techniques you phase in and out of. If you are in fact doing a getting ripped program, incorporate shorter rest periods in between each set vs. adding or subtracting the weight ratios. Do what you KNOW you can push or pull for the given sets and reps, but diminish the rest periods. The muscles time under tension is just as important as the load in some cases.