I am suffering from some “dead” leg syndrome. I play bball about 2-3 times per week. Last month or so, I’ve just had dead legs. I had been doing a mass building workout with my son. I recently switched to the Advanced performance workout. I play ball on Sat & Sun and usually one day per week. Just wondering if I picked the right workout to shake me out of my dead leg syndrome. Not weak in the gym, just not lively on the courts.

It seems like your not giving your body enough time to recoup. Sounds like the “Dead leg” syndrome of which im not too familiar with the actual symptoms of as Ive never heard of before (LOL) is primarily due to like I said over-training and not enough rest. My suggestion is to take some time off, but also look at what you can do to give your body what it needs to get through the training sessions and the ball play. If your not the type like me to take it down a notch then restructure to compensate for the increase in your exercise levels. Do you take supplements? Do you have a pre workouts or activity snack before you play ball. Typically the body needs essentials like this in order to perform. So if you have taken on additional activities, exercises but not re-structured your nutrition or supplementation this is ideally the culprit. I would suggest supplementing an amino acid stack pre and sip on during your workouts or training session. Also make sure to down a protein shake for about 20-30 grams of protein before and after you workout or play hoops. Let me know how it works out for you.