Hey a trainer at Golds gym told me he was going to help me with this but he hasn’t gotten back to me in over a week.I am 18 currently in firefighter training.I weigh 170-175 give or take the time of day at 12% body fat and stand at a little taller than 5'11.I went through P90X twice and did it my own way a third time.After that I decided to join Golds gym start shifting through weight programs to reach a goal of 200 pounds and 10% body fat or less. I decided to do the insanity program in the mornings and mix in yoga and weights in the afternoons after Fire training (physical fitness is only on Wednesdays). Only problem is I don’t want to kill myself but still keep up the intensity and get results.In short what would your weekly plan of attack be to get to the previous mentioned goal involving insanity, yoga, and weight lifting? I do eat healthy wheat pasta, veggies, oats, eggs, lean meat, lots of water and no pop or high sugary foods.

Your question is good one however It sounds like you could be tip toeing into over training. Honestly you have to find what works for you. I would recommend you just follow the plan I have outlined for you in the My workout section, but you have to make that decision for yourself. Your 18 and you have a lot of energy and looking for someone to give direction. In my experience, slow down, pick one specific goal and focus on that. If you like the routine you have going stick to it. If you feel like you want something more, then follow the plan I have outlined for you on the site.