question about traps

I watched your video about traps, my concern I want to equally train my upper middle and lower traps, in your video, what if I just do the barbell shrugs for upper traps and Incline Dumbbell Shrug for the middle and lower traps, is gonna be equally train and balance my 3 areas of my traps, and my other concern is that If I’m doing rowing exercises for my lower lats is that mean I still need to include another exercises for my middle traps because I read rowing exercises hits the middle traps?

my concern is I want my traps to equally train and balance…

Than you

Rowing exercises do target the middle traps but primarily emphasize the Rhomboids. Your scheme seems to be a good one so I wouldn’t change what you have going on. If it doesn’t work to your liking then I would suggest hit me back and I will review your results. If by equally balanced you mean symmetry between the right and left I would suggest sticking to dumbbells ort doing one arm at a time when you do any exercises for the traps. Unilateral movements help correct muscle imbalances that can occur do to bi-lateral training.