about Micro Muscle eBook training by Jim Stoppani

There are 12 week training program in the book, it’s Micro linear periodize, it has 3 phase, phase 1 is the first month, it says, start from 15 reps going to low reps each week, and For phase 2 you will have to do each rep range at least 5 and up to 20 pounds more than you could do in phase 1, in each phase you will be using 5-20 pounds more than you did in the last phase. How can I do that if he changed the exercises on other phase like in phase 1, Barbell curl, dumbbell incline curl, and 1 arm high cable curl, but in phase 2 barbell curl, preacher curl, behind back curl, different exercises you could have different level of strength and what hand grip I’m gonna do on barbell curl, is narrow grip to target long or shoulder grip to target short head? and why he put 4 sets on barbell curl but the rest are only 3 sets for biceps even on triceps exercises its only 3 sets and for triceps I notice it has 2 exercises for long head and 1 for lateral head, why he do that, for triceps is that suppose the long head has to have more exercises than other heads,

and also for (biceps) which head supposed to have more exercise, the long head or the short head, because I’m kind confuse, because in ebook I noticed there are times the long head has 2 and 1 for shot head exercises and there are times the short head has 2 exercises and 1 exercise for long?

thank you

Well I’m not too sure exactly what the question is here? If you want you can ask Jm himself. I made heads out of the grip question. You will target the longer head of the biceps with a narrow grip which will help build more peak in the biceps but still peak is determined by the length of your biceps tendon.