Hi, I want to start doing legs twice a week, and my question is: Should I go hard and heavy both days? Or should i go heavy and low rep one day and lighter and higher rep the other?


It depends on the exercises. Some exercises will have you build up a high amount of lactic acid and leave you limping around for days on end. LOL. For instance doing HEAVY Back Squats on a Monday and then repeating them again in the week is not necessary. Now doing back squats on monday and coming back Thursday and doing Front squats is because they emphasize different muscles more in the legs than the other. It all comes down to knowing the difference and then jumping on a plan structured and outlined in a way that keeps you safe and keeps you progressing towards your goal. I write all the plans on the Trainer this way. My suggestion truly is to follow the structured plan I outline on the workout section on your WT account at the top. I believe firmly in the 2 per week training protocols as research has shown that it nets the best results for muscle growth and size. Follow the plans here. http://www.workouttrainer.com/home/workouts