problem with wide(ish) hips

I recently went through a really bad breakup such has caused me to really doubt my body image. I’ve worked out pretty consistently since high school and I look decent but now that I look at myself I see a lot of flaws. One being my hip bones are wider then my waist giving me a slightly off appearence. Its not fat its the actual bone. So I’ve been doing a lot of shoulder workouts to help get a more aesthetically pleasing look in shoulders to hip ratio but I was wondering if oblique exercises would fill in my waist or would it just increase my “man hips” and give me a blockhouse ( or worse yet) feminine look. My goal is to build an aestheticly pleasing balanced physique. Any help would be appreciated. A lot.

Hmmm. Well genetics do play a role in how we do look physically, but we can always strive to reach out potential. In all honesty you need to squat. whether or not you have wide hips you need to build the muscle around it. J-Lo, is a perfect example of someone with wide hips. My good friend and collegue Gunnar Peterson is her trainer and that is all she does …Squat, squat and more squats. Sumo squats, Parallel Squats, Dumbbell Squats. all of them. It sounds simple but once you start squatting correctly this will help just about every other part of your body grow. Am i talking about little squats? No, put a bar on your back and go parallel. If you need to get some info on technique then watch this video. And I strongly encourage you to follow the workouts outlined. I truly make sure hat if you follow the plan you will get results. go into the workout section and follow the plans outlined either under GYM or Ball and band depending on your set up.