Muscle Building and Butrition

Hi Mike, I am 19 years old, 5'7 and 150-155 pounds. At the beginning of the 2011 summer I began to train hardcore and advanced. I have gotten much stronger and more lean but I want a lot more. Just to give you some bench marks at where I am at; I have maxed benched at 245 for 1, full squat 315 (haven’t tried going higher), deadlift 275, can do chin ups with an extra 90lbs for 3. I eat very healthy with a lot of protein and try to keep my carbs low. I want a lot more though. I would like to get to about 165 pounds of muscle. However, I currently do not have the ripped abs that I would like. I want to gain this 10 pounds of muscle and shred my abs and obliques. How do you suggest I eat and workout to achieve my goal? Thank you.

It sounds like you have actually achieved tremendous success. Be proud that you have accomplished so much. I hear you though. Its like a drug. You just want more. My suggestion is to keep up the pace. Eat like crazy if your having trouble gaining mass, and I would recommend taking supps as well. Keep it simple. Protein, BCAA’s, and a good pre workout before you train, Drink the BCAA’s during, and make sure to hit up about 30g of protein after for recovery. My suggested products. Any Whey Protein, Cytosport Muscle Milk (I go with the light version) etc…, COncret( Creatine), Scivation Xtend for the BCAA’s, and BPI’s 1MR, and or MRI’s BLACK POWDER. I have used others, but I cant go wrong when I take those lines.