The Beginner's Guide to Big Gains

In the January 2012 issue of M&F the article entitled “The Beginner’s Guide to Big Gains” by Craig Rasmussen, described a 4 phase, 12 week training regimen. It was very complete (with photos, descriptions, etc)for phase I, fairly complete for Phase II, less so for III, andnothing for phase IV – from there we were referred to M&F online. I went to M&F online and I can’t find the remainder of the training regimen anywhere. Am I looking in the wrong place? Can you give me a link? Do you know Craig and can you have him help me? Anybody? Or was this some kind of ruse, and I fell for it?

Honestly there has been a major change in the staff that once ran the magazine. I am the last one left from the regime that has been running it for the last 15 years. Its all being run out of a corporate office in New York so as far as what happened to the feature is anyones guess. I used to run all the websites but the Trainer is my personal brainchild that fortunately I started and run on my own. Craig is a contributor that i do not have a personal relationship with, however I would strongly encourage you to start out by following the workouts I lay out for you under the workout category link at the top. Your programs are all there and trust me when i tell you they work. Take care, Mike McErlane