Fat Loss or weight gain?

Hi Mike,

I have heard that it’s not effective to gain muscle and loss fat at the same time and you have to choose a program to gain muscle or loss fat. I just want to be healthy my first priority, the second is to look good physically. How to decide if I need to start Fat Loss program or weight gain program. I have some extra fat should I focus on fat loss first and when I have achieved a certain level than can start the weight gain program. Or 1 year fat loss next year weight gain and than fat loss and so on?

Realistically you are correct. But for those that want to LOSE fat i offer those plans to start. These programs have them focused on certain protocols with HIIT, cardio after and higher rep schemes. really losing weight comes down to your nutrition vs. your program. Calories in vs calories out. Thats the benefit of the advanced nutrition, because it takes your goal to lose weight into consideration by suggesting plans with lower calories so that the program outlined has you burning more than you are consuming. Its a long algorithm. Either way, you can always adjust your goals by editing your profile at the top where it says edit profile. I would suggest use the plans that have you gaining muscle as if your goal is to not lose physical weight and fat then those plans should keep you well inline with what you want to achieve, but make sure to really use the nutrition to keep yourself in check..