Workout 101db vs cable flyes

Is the workout program at the bottom meant to be done on consecutive day or a couple days between? How do you read it? Are the exercises above and below where it say super set the ones to be supersetted or the next 2week exercises in the list? Also would you only train chest those days? And can you recommend how to split the rest of the week? I know I’ve asked alot but I’ve not used any of the workouts on here yet and I really want to try this one. My main focus is to develop my pecs and delts and abs but of course do not want to neglect any other parts in the process. Thank you.

Not a problem. The workout is used as a sample plan to try and if your interested in a complete workout that employs the criteria in just one sample workout then I highly suggest starting the monthly workout listed under the workout section. You can do this as a split 2 days per week but honestly click here to get the workouts that I suggest you follow. These plans release on a monthly basis and are structured so that you do not Plateau.

specifically the exercise listing example of a super set is as follows.

Example Bench Press SUPER SET DB FLYS

This means that you super set these two exercises together then move onto the next progression. I hope i have helped.