Tracking amount of weight lifted- got an app for that?

Mike, I have been enjoying your videos, articles and exercise routines for about a month. I started downloading them to my iPhone calendar to be able to take them with me to the gym. I also have tried some apps on the iPhone like GymBuddy and others that allow you to track not only the exercises, but how much weight and reps you get done. I find myself wishing I could take your regimens from my calendar and just cut and paste them into a small, easy to use app on the iPhone so that I can see progress in strength over time. Same thing applies for the bands I bought. I’m that 55 year old guy from Facebook who is wanting to not only gain muscle weight, but get serious about getting perhaps a little ripped. With an app like that, perhaps you and other trainers would be able to offer some “coaching” on a virtual basis by saying, “hey, send me your tracking for the last month and let me see what you are actually getting done!”…. just a question really about the app and tracking progress, but heck, a free business expansion idea on the side. Ping me at if you want to discuss further.

David, Its actually something I have been planning on implementing as I am trying to launch a new app, but Apple is a pain to deal with. I appreciate the input though. I am very happy that you have been seeing results and using the programs. I hope I continue to give you good advice and assistance throughout your progression. There are so many things that I have up on my white board, but doing things pretty much SOLO is difficult and I try to get it all done. One man show trying to please a mob. LOL. But who is complaining. I appreciate all that you said. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. i try to answer all I can as fast and as much as I can. 2:30 am here so some piece and quiet and I can answer FINALLY. Take care and let me know if you need anything else. Again thank you for the insight.