Nutrion with Mri

I have recently started the RHC, purchased the mri stack but not too sure if im supposed too be using the creatine and protein together everyday?

You should be taking the creatine every day along with the protein during this program as suggested in the plan. Creatine has suggested research that imply’s the “cycling Myth” is just that. A Myth. It is wise to not OD on creatine especially monohydrate. There are good forms of micronized creatine such as HCL Creatine that has research showing no cycling because the doses are based off of body weight and the fact that it is fast absorbing. Protein is an essential supplement which helps with Protein Synthesis and allows for proper muscle growth and muscle fiber recruitment to take place. Think of it as feeding your muscles both before and after you train which is why you should consume 20-30g pre and post workout.