Creatine and Protein, pre-workout options

Mike, The local owner of my supplement store recently recommended not taking 20-25 grams of whey pre-workout, instead he recommended 2.5g of Creatine and a whole food (rice cake with one serving of peanut butter) as a better pre-workout option, then follow with 40-50grams of whey and 2.5g of creatine as a post workout. What is the best pre/post split? I have to workout early in the mornings, so whatever I take pre-workout is generally my first meal of the day. Thanks, Jeremy

Jeremy, He is actually in-correct. you NEED Protein and a 20-25g serving. And you need specific ingredients such as creatine and if monohydrate at least 4-5g. In my opinion you really need to watch this.